Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Silverback alpha-ragemonkey beware: Or, Fr. Hamilton to speak on Relevant Radio!
The folks at Relevant Radio tell me that I will be interviewed to share some of my vocation story tomorrow morning just after the top of the 6:00 a.m. hour (Central time). For those who have made the mistake of not already listening to Relevant Radio over the internet, you can link to it on our sidebar, scroll past all of the links to other blogs. Relevant Radio broadcasts Fr. Tharp each Friday morning. Some time ago, Fr. Tharp apparently told them they should try to get me on the air. So, here we go. It is exciting, but I am also a bit nervous about this. Why? Well, all joking from this post's title aside, when I compare Fr. Tharp's segments and the laughter it usually brings, I don't really consider myself all that funny or witty -- well, at least not when I am by myself. I mean, I can "play off" of someone else (as, no doubt, you have noticed Fr. Tharp and I do almost daily on this blog), but alone ... well ... Who knows? Of course, Relevant Radio isn't exactly looking for a comedy routine either. I suppose I should just let me be me and share my path to the priesthood.

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