Thursday, June 22, 2006

From the Heart of Latrobe...
Greetings, Readers. I am blogging from the main foyer at St. Vincent's College in Latrobe, PA. The conference, she is over, and my what a week. It was simply amazing and it couldn't have gone better. I will blog in more detail later when I get home and process what I have heard and seen.

I have to confess that for many years, I wasn't sure what to do with the work of Scott Hahn. It's a long story that I don't care to get into here, but I think that after a few conversations with him and the rest of my team, I will need to bring my monkey-brain to bear on the corpus thus far. He strikes me as one who seeks to do what every Catholic ought to strive for: to seek Christ by thinking with the mind of the Church and loving from the Heart of the Church. Dr. Hahn and his fellow presenters, Dr. Pitre and Dr. Bales, really refreshed my desire to read and understand the Sacred Scriptures better. The goal remains the same -- to live in union with Christ.

Also, I was most impressed with monks of St. Vincent's. In particular, I would like to single out Fr. Tom Acklin. His homilies and presence and erudition were top-notch. He has a book out called "The Unchanging Heart of the Priesthood," which I think just based on a light persual will be recommended here as the optimal priest gift for Christmas.

Now, I am off to NYC in the morning. West 142nd St. better be ready for one swinging ragemonkey...

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