Saturday, June 10, 2006

In other Episcopal Related News...

I found out that in the same bulletin announcing Bishop-Elect Thomas's appointment, there was a piece of news that was close to home as well. The former rector of Saint Charles, Bishop Michael Burbidge, was appointed as Bishop of Raleigh, NC. This is good news for the diocese as I was pleased and impressed with the good bishop while under his direction at St. Charles. I will be praying for him as he takes on his first diocesan flock.

This of course leads to a question. Given that Bishop Burbidge, while still Msgr. Burbidge, preached my Mass of Thanksgiving, and anyone who was there can tell you of the funniest joke ever told at my expense, does this mean I have a post waiting for me in North Carolina? Probably not. Once I disappeared into the prairie folds of Oklahoma, he probably forgot about my existence. Nah...just kidding.

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