Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Brief Update on the Efforts to Evangelize Our Neighbors

Because he is still tied up with his efforts, I wanted to fill you in on what is happening with our RCIA summit as it is being expressed in that place most people don't want to deal with; you know it better as reality.

Thus far, I have watched with my 6 people for RCIA Inquiry four of the six available "Footprints of God". Tonight, though, was noteworthy in that the four folks that attended were chalk-a-block with questions and observations. What started as an evening on the Blessed Virgin Mary turned into a conversation on Martin Luther, purgatory, penance and other topics. So, I am so excited because it is a sign that the participants are engaging with the material and their hearts are being solely opened.

Now, my cohort is tied up tonight with his own RCIA program but he is also hosting the final week of Totus Tuus in the Archdiocese. You could read more about the program and how to bring to your neck of the woods here. The reviews so far have been great. Hopefully this will lead to the foundation of a program here.

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