Friday, July 28, 2006

Confirmation of A Different Anecdote

I link this not simply to remind folks that the movement for women's ordination (and its assumptions) are afoot even after the Pope says, "Move on." I link this because it confirms a story someone related to me when the Clergy Abuse Scandal broke in Boston. As I expressed, along with many others, how did this happen, an elder priest said to me, "I am not surprised it didn't happen sooner; the Boston Archdiocese has been in a spiritual turmoil for decades now." Now, I am not one judge the merits of a comment merely because he or she who said it or a group based on one comment. However, it seems that this is an eminently sane and elegant partial explanation. When diocesan officials can be so in tune with the Faith that they can commit acts which publicly renounce and vitiate the Faith, clearly the hiring practices of the diocese need to be veted. But that's just me again...

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