Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oklahoma City Ascendant

When the Hornets arrived here during their exile from New Orleans, I suspected that this meant that the status of Oklahoma City, as a metroplex, was changing. For a major league team to not consider coming to Oklahoma City as a demotion, it signaled that in people's mind, Oklahoma City was a viable major city, or at least was headed toward major city status. Further, the good turnout for Hornets games also spelled something good for the future.

Well, friends, that future may be upon us. Now, once again, I could only vaguely care. The genetic sequences necessary for sports enthusiasm were removed to make room for other more important things, like machination construction. But I can easily see how, if the Supersonics were to move to Oklahoma City, it could spell better recreation opportunities which in turn could spell more companies coming to the area.

Granted, the Seattle folks seem a little, well, peeved. Of course, I hope they are over it before I arrive in October. I would hate to catch flack just because I am from the Sooner State.

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