Friday, August 04, 2006

Back in June we moved the last bit of my predecessor's stuff out of the rectory and moved some replacement furniture in. The rectory stairwell is so narrow and steep that there is no way to move even average-sized things via the stairs. So... we had to use some parishioners' ingenuity to take things in and out of the second floor window of the rectory, using this tractor with makeshift platform. It all worked well, and took only about an hour to move the old bedroom furniture out and the new stuff in. I had been fretting about this adventure for close to a year (since I moved here in August 2005). I was just sure that furniture would get damaged and people would get hurt. Once I saw how sturdy the tractor platform was I felt much better. It proved to be a very smooth process with no problems whatsoever. Posted by Picasa

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