Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My brother came into town from Boulder, Colorado, last week. After a few days at home, he flew to New York for a wedding. While he was away, I agreed to puppysit his six month-old labrador retriever, named Gillian (Gilly, for short). Gilly is, of course, already fairly big and is getting bigger all the time. My brother brought a good sized cage to keep Gilly in while I had to be away from the house, along with dog food and the necessary things like leash, bowl, etc. My brother also gave me a quick course in the various commands Gilly has learned so that I could keep up his training. I have to say, Gilly is a very intelligent and well-behaved dog. He is still a puppy and so our week together was not without some "episodes" and some disobedience. However, all in all, he is very well behaved and it was fun to have him for a time. I don't think I could handle having a dog (especially his breed's size) all the time, but a week was manageable. He went home last night after my last Mass for the Assumption. Below are some photos of the week together. I took him to the lake several times and it was fun to watch him play and go nuts in the water. Enjoy the photos of Gillian below.

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