Saturday, August 26, 2006

Universal Man of Mystery: The Priest
Well, I had what I thought was a rather humorous encounter with two ladies in Target. I was on a mission to buy a few things at Target and as I was getting ready to turn down one aisle, two ladies were coming in the opposite direction. They were walking too close to the side I was turning into, so I had to do a quick maneuver to avoid running into them. One of the ladies had a rather confused almost surprised look on her face as I passed by. A few paces beyond them, my ears heard their conversation as they continued in the opposite direction from me. The one said, "Was that for real? Was that a priest?" To which the other responded, "I guess." The first lady added, "I've never seen a priest before."

I glanced back with a smile to let them know I could hear them and I was ready to remove all doubt for them regarding whether they had seen a priest, however they weren't looking in my direction. So, I walked on and did my shopping. These sorts of episodes really are quite rare. At least, if other people have such reactions they do a better job of keeping their voices down so I can't hear their discussion. I thought it was quite humorous and it is a reminder that Oklahoma is not a very Catholic part of the United States.

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