Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hilarity erupts on Relevant Radio!
I hope many readers were able to catch Fr. Tharp's participation earlier today in a panel discussion on Catholic blogging aired on Relevant Radio. After I finished a marriage preparation appointment (and before another one later on) I caught a small portion of the program.

Fr. Tharp and others were fielding questions from callers and speaking eloquently about the far reach of blogging and the responsibility of Catholic bloggers to present the truth in charity. Then a crazy idea came to me as the program was going to commercial. What if I called in to the show to present a question/comment to the panel?

I called and got right in queue for the show. When it came back from commercial and they took the call, I was announced as Fr. Stephen. I think that momentarily hid my identity from Fr. Tharp. The final comment Fr. Tharp made before my question was that Catholic bloggers must guard the theological accuracy of their posts. So, I entered the discussion with these words: "Yes, I want to echo that theological accuracy is crucial, which is why I am now joining the program (dramatic pause). But the real question I have for the panel is, why are certain priest bloggers included in this discussion today and others are excluded? I mean, if this were truly catholic, it would be a bit more universal." By this time, most of the panel were laughing as we all anticipated Fr. Tharp's response to such a question (read: accusation) from his co-blogger.

It was pretty darn funny, I thought. I don't know if many listeners realized I am Fr. Tharp's co-blogger or not. Regardless, I thought it showed some good nature from the folks at Relevant Radio to quickly put me on for a few moments of fun. Again, cudos to Relevant Radio and, of course, to Fr. Tharp!

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