Friday, September 15, 2006

Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more!

So, you probably remember our early conversation about Catholicism From Scratch. It's my program designed to give the average Catholic a leg up and get everyone to the same starting point for adult formation. I know, what a nutty project to be working on; no adult really wants or needs further formation. Stage one entailed showing the Footprints of God series by Steve Ray and then fielding questions. (I did mention that Steve is going to be at the Oklahoma Men's Conference, right? Oh, okay. Steve Ray is going to be at the Oklahoma Men's Conference. Pass it on.)

Anyhoo, at Alva and Waynoka, we have reached the second stage of the program. The next logic step, it seemed to me, was to introduce the parishioners to the Bible in a way that will get them to open the book and get reading. Hence, we are now in the midst of the Great Adventure series from Ascension Press. Over the next 8 weeks, approximately 20 parishioners will be led to see the big picture of the Bible and thus, hopefully, understand it better. The unique thing I try to bring to any Bible study that I do is connecting the study to prayer. Namely, I try to teach Lectio Divina and demonstrate all the ways in which the Church uses Sacred Scripture to pray. But here's where I need your help.

Thus far, I have brought up the general notion and used my Benedictine background to teach a general method. So that they stay connected to the Sunday Mass, I am recommended the Sunday Gospels for their practice. In the following weeks, I intend to work through the Augustinian method, the Ignatian method, the Escrivan method (that assume I can find the notes I had on the subject), Scripture and Devotions, and the Liturgy of the Hours. By my count that leaves me two sessions short. Are any of you familiar with Lectio method which I haven't mentioned here?

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