Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nine Short Days / In the Emerald City / Nine Short Days / Full of So Much To Do

So with everything swirling around the parish, it is now time for vacation. I will be away from the parish through the 31st of the month. Well, that's not exactly accurate. I will get back from my trip on the 30th, spend the night in OKC, and then blaze northward to Waynoka for the vigil Mass. Sounds like fun, huh?

So where I am off to? Well, the title of the post should suggest the answer. I am headed to Seattle where my mirror universe double, Mark Shea, lives. I will be staying at the local Dominican parish, Blessed Sacrament, while in town. I am truly looking forward to some rest and recreation. I am planning on doing all the touristy things like seeing the Space Needle and the original Starbucks. Mark also suggested the Science Fiction museum which sounds like a hoot.

I'll leave you with one thought in passing: who really are the Borg, Starbucks or Microsoft?

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