Saturday, January 27, 2007

Join the Fuzz!

The above logo can mean only one thing: Pegg/Frost/Wright are taking over Ragemonkey. Well, not really. A couple of chaps mentioned the upcoming new film from the lads who brought us "Shaun of the Dead." The new film is called "Hot Fuzz." I am hoping it will be as good if not better than "SOTD" but that remains to be seen. One of the negatives the boys have to work against is the perception that this movie is action-movie spoof. The pattern I have noticed so far from the work I have seen is not to spoof but to take the conventions seriously and contrast them with a realistic context. A really good example of this comes to mind but I don't want to give away what I thought was a brilliant sight gag. So, you are forced to take my word for it.

Anyway, the film opens in February in the UK and in April here in the states. I would sure love to go to the premiere but without tickets, passes, airfare, and a tuxedo (well, the tuxedo of priests = freshly pressed cassock and sash) that doesn't seem real likely.

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