Thursday, February 01, 2007

Don't Chew My Face Off For Suggesting This

I am sitting here in Alva, finishing up my shopping list aimed at better food choices. While I am doing this, the image of Chesterton comes to mind. I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but I often get teary when I read Chesterton. I get teary because I wish I could have known him in this life.

Now, that got me thinking about eternity. If I can't know Gilbert in this life, perhaps I could in the next. Chesterton's works lead me to seek to be a better man, a more perfect follower of Christ. Because they are clear and pure and true, they give a momentary sight beyond this present instance.

Has anyone proposed Chesterton's cause for canonization? If so, whose patron is he, assuming he is in heaven?


Kathryn said...

wouldn't Chesterton be the patron of any bon vivant?

Ricotta cheese, Father! Make it your new best friend. That and pinto beans cooked up in veg or chicken bouillion (sp). Not necessarily in the same meal, though. And I mean pinto beans that you've soaked and then cooked (and then drained). Little salsa, little cheese; your hunger will be sated for a good while.

boinky said...

Catholic writer Frank Sheed one quipped the definition of a saint was "an Italian Virgin".

however, Chesterton is probably in this heaven:

Kevin Jones said...

The GKC society's Dale Ahlquist was recently in GKC's home diocese talking to the bishop about opening his cause. The bishop, alas, didn't know much at all about him!