Friday, September 26, 2008

It'll Be Worth The Round Trip
(I previously posted this on the new Ragemonkey site. Now that I have access to this original site, I am coming back here. I am reposting this for the benefit of readers who might have missed the migration.)

Tomorrow I head off to my home parish in Edmond, OK to do an inservice for the adult leadership of the youth program as well as some of the confirmation sponsors. I'm presenting on Theology of the Body as an introduction to the overall topic to set the stage for further development. I have spoken on this subject lots of times and I am doing something additional with the last bit which focuses on moral issues and how to present moral issues related to the Theology of the Body. Here's the dilemma. Should I go to the gym and cram in a workout after rocking Pilates this a.m. or should I tighten up my notes? Frankly, I can barely pull the focus to do either.This might be famous last words, but I am going to hit the gym. When I get home there will be time sufficient to review, print and handwrite a few extra bits, and I think the exercise will clear my head.Hopefully, after the round trip, I'll be a bit less, well, you get it...

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