Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Making the Most of the Year

Howdy, all. I have an appointment in about 15 minutes, but I want to share an idea with you. First, a question.

Have you forgotten who this year is especially dedicated to? It's been about 3 months of the Year of St. Paul, and becuase I don't want this to slip under the radar, I want to share an ongoing project of mine. I have been spending this year, re-reading St. Paul. Once I am through the Letters (and I include Hebrews), I am going to go back and make a run at actually studying them.

In seminary, I did have a class on St. Paul. Please note: A class. Three credit hours are enough, I suppose, in the scheme of education, but not enough when it comes to life long formation and use. So, I thought, no better time than now.

At this point, I am up to Philippians and am making good progress. I am working on a bible study for my parishes on St. Paul starting in January or February and then transitioning to a St. Paul-centric mystagogy for the parish and for the RCIA folks. But shhh! don't tell.

If there is interest sufficient, I will post a reading schedule for the rest of the year. Just let me know.


Independent Arizona said...
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Stephanie said...

I'd be interested in the list.

Phase1976 said...

I'd be interested, too, Father. There's so much out there to read that it would be nice to have a nice, focused list.

Gregg the Obscure said...

I'd love to hear your recommendations! I've been intermittently reading the Navarre Bible on I Corinthians and II Corinthians and found some really good insights.