Friday, September 26, 2008

Solutions Found in Avoiding Asteroid Collisions

An anonymous reader asked about what to do about exercise when they have little time to themselves and no cash for a gym membership. Believe it or not, I achieved much of my success with nothing more than a treadmill or just walking out doors. Certainly, making time for a busy mom is tricky but there are still good ways. To my mind, it's exactly like what we would have to do if a major asteroid was hurtling toward earth. It takes a lot less effort to move it when it is far away rather than when it is near.

What are the small steps that you can do to change course?

The key is avoid all or nothing thinking. If you assume that you must join a gym and do Pilates to be healthy and that is the only way to get healthy, then yeah, you aren't going to do it. Instead, find a way to do just a bit more. If your babies are still young enough, could you go twice a week to a local park and walk with them for 10 minutes? Or better, if the kids are school aged, while they are at school, hit the park or the lake and walk. How about a great DVD? Or when you are grocery shopping, make three circuits of the store before loading up the cart. It adds a little bit of movement.

If you are working outside the home, why not use your work area to your advantage? Take the stairs instead of the elevator; or walk to the furthest copier and bathroom. Walk to collegues to discuss things with them rather than phone or email them.

You'll find the exercise helps all sorts of things. Gyms are helpful, but expensive. However, the Y is a great compromise because it tends to have lots of activities and is very kid friendly. You'll get yourself and your kids active all at once. The key is making small managable adjustments that you can maintain for life. And good luck with whatever you choose to do.

UPDATE: A reader mentioned to me something that would also help. She mentioned that there are Mommy and Me exercise tapes that use the baby as a weight lifting tool. She says it creates a nice bonding opportunity and it is good for exercise. Check that out too.

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