Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hell? No!

A hallmark of Our Lord's ministry was liberating people from the powers of Satan. Many moderns discount this suggesting that those allegedly possessed by Satan were in fact only mentally ill. However, Msgr. Romano Guardini made a good observation about this in his book, The Lord. He wrote that if Our Lord called it demonic, then we should take him at his word. So, it shouldn't surprise us that even now, the demons don't want us to know Christ and to find salvation in him through his Church. With that said, this TV show doesn't make me comfortable.
The works of the Spirit are not necessarily for public consumption. Given that it is going to be featured on a network known for sci-fi, or ghost hunting, it can create the impression that something as dangerous as demonic obcession or possession is make believe like vampires. Granted, it could be the case that many people will be brought to Christ because of it. I will be surprised if that happens.
I think it was St. Ambrose, writing in reference to the sacraments, who said that the sacred mysteries should not be paraded around in front of those with no Faith or even in a casual fashion. By doing so, people may come to value them less. I am not cutting down this fellow's ministry; God bless and protect him: he'll need it. But I can see why the Church keeps the identity of a diocesan exorcist under wraps.

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