Saturday, October 04, 2008

The New Verb

Social networking is the new thing.  I thought you would like to know about your Ragemonkey opportunities on Facebook.  First, because I am a man of the people, you can friend me by looking up my name and sending a request.  Second, if you really want to share in the trinkets of power after my rise to power (I just put a down payment on a new underground base) then join the Catholic Ragemonkey Hegemony.  It's a fan page, just for fun, for supporters and potential minions to meet and greet.  Hello, to everyone who has found their way here from my Facebook page.  Okay, go back to enjoying your weekend.  Have a happy Sunday. 


Anonymous said...

I think I have a facebook page,not a clue how to even begin to set it up, or for that matter, what the password is! I think I'm woefully behind on this whole social networking thing.

I was thrilled to hear this evening that Ragemonkey was up and running!


Dismas said...

For the profile pic on Facebook, you could get the artist to just send you the monkey pointing to you and upload that as the profile pic.