Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Poetry Tuesday

Greetings, All.  Thank you for your prayers and best wishes while I was on retreat.  I'll have a few posts from that up today and tomorrow, but at the same time respecting the principles of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross - some things must remain secret.
I am working on a longerish piece concerning priesthood and discipleship that might be ready for display next week. As we have had two longer pieces, I'll give a shorter piece of doggeral I found in the back of my journal.  It's really not that bad all considered.

My Thanks to Gilbert

I shall not cast you
     in the wordful pantomime
except within the prosenium cerebral.

I owe a debt to you; a clarifying thought
and nullifying word
you gave over.

It, a paradox, illumines and darkens,
but that is what happens --
when one curtain's fall so another may rise.

I cannot say if or when
we shall exchange these words,
but it cheers me to hope to hope to see the scene.

For this, I thank you, the clarity to state that
which free one makes --
to look at Creation,
breath relief in a sigh, and say,
"It did not begin with me."

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