Friday, December 12, 2008


I know that this is not our president-elect's fault that these are coming out. It is the fault of our culture who can't tell secular messianism from true messianism, either of a Christian or Jewish stripe.

The article comes from Reuters online
. This is particularly apt given we are in the season of Advent. As we read the prophet Isaiah, we must recognize within its pages the same dichotomy that is present in our culture. The desire of the people was for security from Babylon by siding with former temporal enemies such as Egypt. The king is tempted to do likewise because he can't see the way in which he can defend the land. So, the prophet appears and calls them to stand with the Lord. Sadly, the period ends with Exile for both the Northern and Southern Kingdom.

Ask yourself this question: do I only profess with my lips "Christ is King" while my actions proclaim "I have no King but Caesar"?


Adoro said...

This semester in class we had to write a paper on the historical background of the first part of Isaiah. I couldn't believe how similiar it was to our own culture.

I'm just waiting for the Assyrians to invade now that we, as a country, have put our faith in some green politician while erasing any last vestige of God.

Nancy said...

I'm surprised they didn't put Obama's face on the infant...or is that just in this country?