Monday, December 01, 2008

The Last Acceptible Prejudice Revisited

I have been gratified by Fr. Longenecker's writing over the last several months and this thoughtful piece has much to commend it. The main thing that drew me to the article was the link headline "Will lapsed Catholics become the next anti-Catholics?" To be fair, there are lots of reasons for lapsing from the practice of the Faith. It seems to me the problems crop up when one lapses from the doctrines of the Faith. That can happen even when people still publicly go to Mass, etc.

Here's the punchline: the degree to which we don't adhere the totality of our lives to the Faith we profess, we are anti-Catholic. The absence of our witness turns hearts away from Christ, so as the Gospel, we all must be watchful of the state of our hearts.

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