Friday, April 03, 2009

Good and Faithful

As the tide of voices rises in opposition to the full fledged ridiculous actions of Notre Dame University, I am pleased to note my own Archbishop has thrown his hat, ... well, his miter, into the ring.  See here for the actual letter sent to Fr. Jenkins.  Please make sure the Archbishop knows of your prayers and your support for him because his public witness.

In other episcopal stand up news, Bishop Doran of Rockford has shown a bit of sharp wit about Notre Dame.  I would consider this truth in advertising, but problematic.  After all, all those universities in the Jesuit tradition would have to take a similar name and then how could you tell them all apart.  Personally, I would vote for "We Have No King But Caesar Private University."

I would have gotten into this fray a bit earlier but I was on other business.  Let me head something off at the pass though.  Some people have observed that Obama wasn't invited by the university per se but by some other organelle of the university.  If that is true, then the proper course of action is altered.  First, you fire that clueless, flat footed person who clearly doesn't understand what Catholic teaching is.  Second, you sit everyone down who is involved with that organelle of the university and you scrutinize everything they do, because clearly they are not on board with the mission of Catholic education.  Third, depending on the outcome of your investigation, you can reorganize, redefine, or obliterate that organelle so that it no longer takes any resources away from the university.

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