Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Forced Out Into the Open

Greetings, all. If you are reading this, then you haven't given up on my meandering musings. If you aren't reading this, well, it still exists regardless of your having read it.

If you are wondering why I have been silent for so long, it's called life or something like it. I have been transferred to another parish and also teach high school in Oklahoma City. (That's why this will be short, mercifully, mercifully short.) I suppose I should get back out here and post something, but there are few hours left. How about this? I'll update what's happening personally once I finish at school today.

Who is it that forced me blinking into the light of the internet? Blame Shea.


thomas tucker said...

Thankg God for Mark Shea, not least for forcing you abck out into the open. Actually, I have to say that I have been enjoying your discussions on Relevant Radio every friday mroning immensely. Not to get too serious about it, but you really should write a book about our society, its reflection in Pop culture, and how that illustrates our need for God, an objective morality, and for transcendence. Not too big a job for you, my friend.

Aaron Taylor said...

Speaking of Shea, I never heard about where we were supposed to meet for dinner! Ah well, it worked out better for me that I didn't go. (Looking forward to McNellie's though!)

Sean Herriott said...

Hey, Father--nice to see you back in the land of the blogging! If you start posting again, I'll be happy to plug the living daylights out of it on the air.

Captain Ameri-Dan said...

glad to see you posting again, fr.

Unknown said...

I adjust my Fridays to listen to you on Relevant Radio. Very entertaining and refreshing. My 15y/o daughter sort of enjoys you too; at least you prompt many mother/daughter discussions on our drive to Mass & school. I hope you resume more blogging if time permits. God Bless.

Rev. Stephen V. Hamilton said...

Wow, another blog post after so many months of silence!