Thursday, February 19, 2004

Genesis of an addiction?

Okay, it has been roughly eight hours since I rapidly entered the world of blogging. I have been posting furiously. I exit the blog and re-enter within minutes to see if anyone has commented anywhere. Yes, I am expecting a great deal from our three readers! Can anyone say "neediness threshold"? Any stray thought that enters my mind now seems somehow worthy of publishing. I have this strange feeling that everything has now changed that I am not only a blog reader, but a blogger. There is the sense that I am teetering on the verge of something about to go out of control. Yes, I am sure readers are saying -- ABOUT to go out of control? And I have this sensation that hilarity could erupt at any moment all over this blog. In short, in a few brief hours I am exhibiting what I now fear are signs of an addiction to blogging. And this may be the case for Fr. Tharp as well. But, of course, since he is the Silverback of the troop he is untouchable and I will be the only one sent off for treatment! So, I now offer the following list, sure to be added to in days ahead and in no certain order, of signs that you may be addicted to blogging. Drumroll please!

Signs of Addiction to Blogging

1. In one day your blog has added say, oh, how about, FIFTEEN new posts!

2. Your life is cluttered with Post-It Notes and stray sheets of paper containing blogging ideas.

3. So as not to lose even a moment of blogging to Nature's call, you have begun to wear Depends.

4. If you are a priest-blogger, with massive arm sweeps, you simply clear a path on your desk upon which to offer the Holy Mass and then you get right back to blogging.

5. Again, for priest-bloggers, you have suddenly installed computer screens in each church pew, because, hey, who needs a homily when you can have a "blog-ily"!

6. When you are no longer satisfied by blogging on your own site, but must also rule the comment box too!

7. When none of your posts can manage to be under three lines of text!

8. You turn on the TV and find "Planet of the Apes" showing; you consider it a sign that you should be blogging on this site!

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