Thursday, February 19, 2004

I guess it is meant to be...

It didn't take long for me to become a more vocal member of the troop. Let's face it, the frequency of my commenting on this new blog (and other blogs) was clear evidence of the direction I was heading. Fr. Tharp and I spoke this morning about a topic that usually manages to raise ire -- diocesan planning, or lack thereof -- and with that, I was in! It became time to walk out from behind the heavy jungle vegetation, so to speak, and rage on! I still wasn't convinced however. Until just moments ago. I hopped back into my car after finishing lunch with our religious sisters and the sound -- I am not kidding -- that came over the radio was of a screeching monkey! I couldn't stop laughing as, in my twisted mind, the sound was emblematic of the raging to come on this blog.

First, I am Fr. Hamilton, as Fr. Tharp has already noted. The only thing I must change of his post is the spelling of my first name. It is Stephen. Why, you may ask? Well, my father, also Stephen, asked the same question of his dear mother, my grandmother, when he was a boy. Grandma's response? Because that's the Catholic spelling! No, grandma was not the chairman of the parish ecumenical group! In fact, she was even suspicious of canonized saints if she couldn't find their names in her little saint book. God love her! Please do not take this post as evidence that there is already a power struggle on this blog. I fully realize my status as a junior beta-male ragemonkey. And I post the above name information with all due respect to Fr. Tharp, this blog's originator, or, as I call him, the Alpha-male ragemonkey or just Silverback for short!

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