Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Ragemonkey Red Alert 1:
The Consequences of Free Love or That Burning Sensation is not Passion

If there is anything that gets me really going it is inconsistent logic. So, let me get this straight, modern media. If you talk to kids about smoking, drugs, drinking, staying in school, or internet music piracy, they will probably choose to not do the bad things or do the right thing when the time comes. But the instant you suspect your darling cherub might be sexually active then its time to outfit them with condoms, birth control, and whatever else passes as necessary "for safe sex." Funny, I didn't think sex was so dangerous I had to be protected from it. The message is clear. You can stop smoking but if little Jimmy doesn't get "to shake his moneymaker," then he will be an incomplete person.

Well, folks, here's where that logic leads. Right to the free clinic. Check out this link. Is anyone surprised? If you play with nuclear waste, you get radiation poisoning. If you are promiscuous, then you are GOING to catch a charming STD. And that is a gift that keeps on giving.

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