Saturday, February 21, 2004

Round Two: Name that Heresy

Okay, so here are two more "set-ups." The A. scenario is a specific Protestant Reformer and the B. scenario is a defined and refuted heresy. This round ends next Saturday whenever I get around to posting the answers.

A. A man walks into a bar and sits down. Before he can order, the barkeep comes over and sets the cheapest, nastiest beer in front of him. The man says, "What? I didn't order this, I didn't even want a beer." The barkeep says, "I already planned for you to have this one." The man says, "Can I change the order?" The barkeep replies, "No."

B. A man walks into a bar and sits down. The man orders a beer and proceeds to drink a portion of it. At the same moment, the man's father comes in and the man hands over his beer. The barkeep asks why the man did that. The reply comes, "When I drink, my father drinks."

The B. one is admittedly a bit obscure and some will say even a little shaky. But that's alright. It will stimulate more conversation that way.

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