Friday, February 20, 2004

The Unabomber is my spiritual Brother

With no meant or implied disrespect to Ted Kaczinski or any of his victims, I am here to tell you that I am related to the Unabomber. What brought on this revelation?

It was so charming to see Fr. H's greeting to his mom here on the blog. It reminded me of the dashing young sports hero at his first televised game looking into the camera and saying "Hi, Mom." I unfortunately cannot do this. My family are Luddites.

You remember these people, right? These were the first green party during the Industrial Revolution. They broke machines in an attempt to stop the advance of industry. I think it is from the group we get the word "sabotage." In the Netherlands, they would throw their wooden shoes, called "sabot" in the machines, hopelessly wrecking them. But you can see who won in the end.

In my family, though, everyone is distrustful of computers. Even my niece who was brought up with them from kindergarten on, doesn't like working on them. Unless I make a nice safe hard copy of the site, they will never see anything that appears here. Which is probably a blessing.

I myself am not anti-technology (although if I were the irony would be so palpable it would jam your internet connection). I simply live among those who are.

So, Hi, Fr. H's mom. You raised a fine ragemonkey. And hi to everyone else's mom who see this. I am off to buy some stamps.

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