Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Wanna See It? Gotta See It!

So I took a little Fat Tuesday surf on the TV to get geared up for Lent. Yes, I am giving up TV for Lent. And of course, all over the news is hostility to The Passion of the Christ. One New York City newspaper reporter (I don't remember which paper) said that it was the most anti-Semitic film since the days of WW II. I love a good hyperbole, but let's not be ridiculous. After all, I doubt that at any time the Jewish people are compared to disease-ridden rats in Mel's movie.

This is a call to arms. To my fellow clerics you have got to get out and see this movie. It is a logical extension of our teaching office. If there is anything off about the picture, and I am not saying there, I haven't seen it yet, we need to have seen it so that we can comment intelligently to it. If there is nothing wrong with it, then it simply becomes fodder for homilies and instructions. To the lay faithful, you have got to go see it. Your non-Catholic fellow employees and friends will be shocked out of their minds potentially by the fact it was made by a Catholic. Also, you will have to be the universal translator for the Catholic sensibility of the movie.

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