Tuesday, February 17, 2004

We're Open For Business!

After much pressure from sources to get into the blog world, I have acceded to these requests. Yes, Virginia, I am the Evita Peron of Blog Sites, except without megalomaniacal desire for power and the loose sexual mores. But I know that you all have questions that need answers.

First, who am I? I am a Catholic Priest of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. I serve as pastor of Sacred Heart, Alva, St. Cornelius, Cherokee, and Our Mother of Mercy, Waynoka. I was ordained in 2000 and these 3 and half years have been very interesting. I love literature and the arts as well as sci-fi and of course, the Catholic Faith.

What will you find here? Mostly my ruminations on things in the news and encouragement to follow the Catholic Faith faithfully. Also, I read pretty voraciously and so book reviews will definitely be here. You should expect a degree of bitterness, cynicism, and wit all mixed into a spicy brew that hopefully, hopefully,will encourage people to think and to respond positively to the world around us.

Why should you read? Because if you don't you will make me cry, or at least tear up. Seriously, what else is there on the web?

Okay, that's enough for now. Check in when you get the chance. I will have a comment feature in the near future.

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