Saturday, February 28, 2004

What About Spiritual Abuse?

I was thinking during Mass tonight about all those parishes where the bishop dumps his problematic priests. No, not the pedophiles or even the eccentrics. I am talking about the guys who are just barely still in communion with the Church. Much like the sex abuse scandal, there is a scandalous abuse cycle when heterodox priests are shuffled into parishes that are considered expendable. And the sex abuse scandal, it usually isn't one priest these people are subjected to. It continues as one heterodox priest is replaced by another until the parish is so damaged and so warped that when a reasonably orthodox priest shows up, his job is made a thousand times more difficult.

So where is the hand wringing over the spiritual rape of parishes? Who will remedy this matter?

Pray for our bishops. For the strong, for the weak, for the timid, for the clueless.

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