Thursday, February 19, 2004

Wichita, my home away from home

In an earlier blog, I mentioned needing to pray for dioceses without ordinaries. I made specific reference to the Diocese of Wichita. Now, a good priest friend of mine (although all that can change if he doesn't watch his step) jokingly asked why I mentioned Wichita and not one of the other dioceses currently without an ordinary.

Two reasons: 1. There are about 20 dioceses currently vacant in the U.S. not to mention the world. Include those around the globe and the number shoots up. So I simply cannot mention everyone because I don't know them all.

2. Wichita is my home away from home. Alva is only 20 minutes south of the Kansas border and I went to school with several of their priests. So, you might think of Wichita as my surrogate diocese. Also, I think that Wichita does a lot of things very well and would hate to see such good momentum lost because of an extended delay in naming a bishop to the diocese.

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