Monday, March 01, 2004

How Does One Say "Mucus" in Chinese?

Got this in my email today...Promising signs for China if it weren't for that oppressive government.

BOMA- USA wrote: From: "BOMA- USA"
To: "Natural Family Planning Discussion"
Subject: Update on Billings in China
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 16:22:56 +0000

Thanks to a news flash via Father Joe Hattie, we have learned that
Drs. John and Lyn Billings released updated information on their
work in China at last week's Pontifical Academy meeting in Rome.

As of the end of 2003, there are 48,449 Billings Ovulation Method
teachers in China using the Chinese translation of the authentic
BOM materials.

To date the method has been regularly used by more than
3,645,600 fertile couples (yes, that's nearly FOUR MILLION couples!)
for avoiding pregnancy with an overall success rate around 99 percent.

In addition, there were 48,267 sub-fertile couples who used the
Billings Ovulation Method to achieve pregnancy. Of those couples,
15,640 babies have been born. The Chinese people affectionately
call these "The Billings Babies".

For those of you not familiar with this, the work of Drs. John and Lyn
in China began in 1995 when they trained the first group which was
comprised of 20 women doctors.

Sue Ek

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