Monday, March 01, 2004

In Tribute to our 2500th Visitor

For lots of you veteran bloggers, 2500 is a milestone passed long ago. But for us two novice monkeys (notice the subtle reference to religious life, darn I'm clever), it is shocking that people actually STOP by, often repeatedly. But de gustibus non disputandum est. Just keep it up.

In tribute to number 2500 and all you other people out there, I offer this little song for you with all proper apologies and acknowledgements to Diana King. Sing to the tune of "I'll Say a Little Prayer for You."

"In the morning I wake up/ my cable modem I crank up / then I write a little blog for you.
No shower, no grooming/ 'til my connection is zooming/ then I write a little blog for you.

Forever and ever / we'll be on your hard drive / and we will amuse you.
Together, forever / We never allow the / heterodox point of view.
Forever and ever / that's how it must be / 'cause if you don't read
it'll only be heartbreak for me

woo, woo, woo

I run to do sick calls / And in the car, new topics appear/ I'll write another blog for you.
All through my prayer time / And all through my coffee break time / I'll plan another blog for you.

Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Bam / Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Bam / I'll write a little blog for you.
Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Bam / Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Bam / I'll link another blog for you

Please readers believe me / When I say "we really are needy" / I'll post a little blog for you.
Please return soon.


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