Thursday, March 04, 2004

It's funny how...

...the same piece of data can sound the same but mean radically different things to two different people. As the paper records of Justice Blackmun are being examined, more of the interesting and disturbing character of the Supreme Court comes to light. Don't get me wrong. I am not one of these wackos who believe that the Court somehow is a shadow government. But I do recognize that Court from time to time misunderstands its role as arbiter of law and legal interpretation and becomes, or attempts to become, the legislative branch.

So, guess what? In 1992, the midst of the case of Casey v. Planned Parenthood (or is the other way around? You get the idea), Roe v. Wade was in serious jeopardy of being overturned. Notice the word I used. Jeopardy. See, that comes from listening to the world. When they see the overturn of Roe v. Wade, they see jeopardy, they see the end of someone's rights. For the Christian, the better word is probably possibility. Once the right to life, a right enshrined in the Constitution but not in the actions of the Supreme Court, is restored as inalienable, then the only thing is possibility.

But here is where my fur gets chapped. Who balked at the possibility of the overturn. Justice Kennedy, a putative Catholic!

It reminds me of the story told of Napoleon, I think it was. Napoleon turned to a captured cardinal and said, "I will destroy the Church!" The cardinal replied (to the effect), "If the bishops and the priests haven't succeeded, what makes you think you will?" I suppose we have to add the highly placed members of the Body as well.

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