Thursday, March 04, 2004

Ragemonkey Red Alert 3: On Kerry's Fait Accompli

The next words are not the words of a Catholic priest and bear no resemblance to a political ad, endorsing one candidate over another. This is not taken to be the opinion of the Catholic Church, my archbishop, or any other member of the Curia. It is just me, John Q. Catholic American. There. That should throw the IRS monitors off the trail.

There is one fundamental reason I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER vote for John Kerry. If the election were between Charles Manson, Marilyn Manson, and John Kerry, the Manson Doublemint Twins would be more likely to receive my vote. John Kerry has no integrity. If he can say with a straight face, "I am personally opposed to abortion but cannot legislate others on this matter," then how does he propose to lead the country? When it comes down to policy, he has to make a decision that he thinks right and best for the country. So in lots and lots of cases, he will be doing exactly what he claims he cannot do on abortion, that is legislate to others and for others.

Or I'll put it to you another way. If he will abandon the elements of his faith, which if he understands them correctly lead to salvation, then why would I think that he would keep ANY promise he would make to me, the average voter? If he will abandon the Teaching of Christ and His Church, then why would he be inclined to "keep his pledge, come what may (Psalm 15:4-5)?"

I am not telling you for whom to vote. But you get what you ask for (I Samuel 8:10-18).

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