Thursday, March 04, 2004

I've Got a Few Title Suggestions for You, J.K.

Well, not that anyone should be surprised, we can expect even more Harry Potter coming in the near future.
Here are some titles I have thought of:

1. Harry Potter and the Puberty Monster
2. Harry Potter and the Uncontrollable Tingling Sensation when Hermione is Around
3. Harry Potter Gets A Real Job
4. Harry Potter Meets His New Boyfriend, Satan

If you haven't guessed, I really, REALLY hate Harry Potter and not just for the questionable occult content. I can't stand Harry because he is held up to the reader as some wonderful hero, when he is terribly unvirtuous i.e. vicious. This is exactly what I need, one more media outlet telling children that being snotty and breaking rules is okay so long as you save the day.

And the first person who comments that Harry Potter is good because he encourages reading and they like it will be both blocked and executed. Okay, blocked. Ragemonkey Hate Free Speech!

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