Friday, March 05, 2004

Ragemonkey Blog Amnesty Day
Okay, I leave my post for approximately a day and a half, driving hundreds of miles around rural Oklahoma to hear Confessions, and I return to find that our faithful Silverback, Fr. Tharp, has gone on a jungle rampage, making a general execution threat. I suppose I now see anew my important role in this blog: to vicariously accept, on behalf of all of blog's people, Fr. Tharp's violent raging that sometimes boils to the surface. In other words, when I am in the jungle, near the monkey troop, Fr. Tharp has someone upon whom to focus his dominant status.

The ugly events of yesterday -- the denial of a Constitutional freedom, leading oh, so quickly to suppression and death threats -- prompts me to declare today as Catholic Ragemonkey Blog Amnesty Day! Who's in the spider hole now?

Hmmm. It also makes me wonder. I know a monkey troop is not based on democracy, but if it were, which of us would be elected monkey president?

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