Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Update from the Moloch Front

Moloch in every age demands the sacrifice of another human person to be satisfied. This generation has two outlets for this: abortion and euthanasia. As abortion begins to be a more politically difficult position to hold, you can watch for advances in the cause of the unborn. But for the critically ill, that's another story. In the name of efficiency and expediency, many people will be put to death not because of their own choice, which is morally dicey to begin with, but because of the decision of judges and family members with gainful motives in mind.

Case in Point? Terry Schiavo. Yes, Terry's case has taken a southward turn just recently. Fr. Johansen at Thrown Back has been working closely on the case. Check him out.

Also, remember to pray for the judge and all those involved in the case. Of course asking for a miraculous cure for Terry would not be out of place either.

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