Monday, April 26, 2004

Even More on Mark Shea: Separated at Birth?

After the encounter with Mark, not a few people commented on the striking resemblance of myself to himself. Terms like Father/Son and Twin/Evil Twin were thrown around by those in the know. As to Father/Son, anyone who read my post on my conversion should easily guess my feelings about having Mark as my dad. As to Twin/Evil Twin, when I figure out who is whose evil twin, I will comment further.

But is this comparison true? You be the judge.

Here's what I look like:
Here's what Mark looks like:
Creepy isn't it. However, once the beard is gone, the resemblance vanishes as well.

By the way, as a piece of friendly advice, I would suggest that Mark get on that show "Extreme Makeover" (or is that "Extreme Markover") and have a complete job done. By persisting in this resemblance to yours truly, you run the risk of being accosted by the legions of folks I drive nuts.

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