Monday, April 26, 2004

More on Mark Shea

I was thinking yesterday of how hard it is for someone like me to appreciate the difficulty that someone like Mark or Scott Hahn had in entering the Catholic Church. For me, the only baggage I brought and had to sort through was the baggage of being a unconscious neo-pagan moron. As a Christian, I was a tabula rasa. It was relatively easy to learn how to be a Catholic because the programming didn't have to be overwritten. But for the evangelical, the questions must run far more deeply. It must run them through with hot swords to discover that much if not all that they knew about the Church proves to be erroronous. And then to become Catholic must seem a profound betrayal of everyone who loves them and whom they love.

This is why God's grace is astounding to me. While it is resistable, it is a powerful dynamic force which recreates as it destroys, like a Genesis Wave for the soul.

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