Monday, April 26, 2004


Like Hecubus on a movie-ending revealing jag, Yahoo! has taken over as the current representation of pure evil. Yes, John Kerry has competition.

I opened my mail account with them yesterday only to find that for some reason, Yahoo! had purged my inbox. I was well below my limit of emails and was working through about 40 mails trying to get responses to folks when this little set back occurred. So if you are waiting for a reply, you will have to resend the message.

Also, thanks to all the fanmail that has come in over the last weeks. We appreciate the well wishes and the words of encouragement. Especially grateful are we to know that Rep. Cole's office in the U.S. Congress is keeping tabs on the activity of two Catholic Priests from the home state, even if we aren't in his district. Is anyone from Rep. Frank Lucas's office doing the same for his constituents?

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