Friday, April 16, 2004

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...
...who's the most biretta-ed one of all? Well, it is another blog first. Concerning some of the "Sound of Music" posts, there has been a request for some photos so that readers of the blog can more fully and actively participate in this adventure. So, here they are! There are three photos.
(1) Backstage with my cassock and biretta on, before donning the full attire.

(2) A profile shot of me at the wedding scene in the play, marrying Captain Von Trapp and Maria.

(3) Since the biretta isn't visible in the photo from the show (due to black back drop), a photo of me in my office as I dress for my scene in the show.

It sort of makes you wonder what year it is, no? Well, for all of our Fr. Andrew Greeley and Fr. Richard McBrien-type readers, it is 2004, Baby! In your face! Eat your heart out, false spirit of Vatican II! OH, and did I mention how delighted I am that I beat Fr. Tharp to the punch by posting real photos of myself on the blog first? A huge debt of gratitude goes to Techmonkey Dave who has graciously hosted these photos on his web site!

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