Thursday, April 15, 2004

New Developments for TV

Since others have suggested revising literature, what about TV? Are there new series or angles to play out?

For example, Star Trek. After four series, one might think the idea is drained but I don't agree. Granted the new series is explosively awful, there are three ideas I have had. First, Star Trek: Border Patrol. In this series, several starships form part of crack unit that protects the boundaries of the Federation from incursion and investigate crimes that deal with other races and species outside the Federation. Second, Star Trek Academy. The only danger I can see with this one is it becomes Dawson's Creek with a phaser. Third, Section 39: Starfleet Intelligence. This series has the asset of being darker and the more unattractive sides of the Federation.

Also, which series deserves a new spin-off, CSI or Law and Order? Right now, L&O leads 2 to 1. And if you spin it off, to where or to what aspect of crime?

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