Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Fellowship of the Link

Just as the herbs and the tomato plant on the back porch got bigger while I was out, so has the reputation of the Ragemonkey. Apparently, Elrond called all the elders of all the peoples of the Middle Blogosphere and entrusted to humble hobbits (and I get to be Sam since he is the real hero) a series of new links. Here they are:
After Abortion (I am most pleased to link these couragous ladies considering my work with Rachel's Vineyard.)
Catholic Maniacs
Trousered Ape (I so hope we were, in some small way, inspiration for this blog and its title)
Happy Catholic (The first thing that popped into my head when I saw this blog was: And if I died today, I'd be the Happy Catholic.... Ah, a favored remembrance of Tori Amos, sort of.)

Also, we bring news from Bree and other places we have seen. Catholic Thought and Theology Pool Party found the time to make reference to the few tidbits of useful ideas we store here electronically. I didn't give you the actual archive point because I want you all to sample a little bit of what you will find there.

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