Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Please practice some modesty!
This is an urgent call to Fr. Tharp's Weatherpixie -- the nasty little exhibitionist! After reading Fr. Tharp's post about the 100 degree heat in his part of Oklahoma, I scrolled down to check out each of our pixies. Okay, that's enough of the knee-slapping, elbow ribbing, you all! Anyway, at the time of this post I see that at 93 degrees, Fr. Tharp's weatherpixie is shirtless. I hate to think what it was at 100 degrees! But mine, at 100 degrees, is not only fully clothed, but wearing all black! I guess some of us are just more in to penance than others!

By the way, have you noticed that the success of this blog really does depend on the both of us. Fr. Tharp's return has pulled me back into blogging. I am still as busy as ever, and I have every reason to avoid blogging, but now...let the games begin (again)!

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