Friday, May 21, 2004

A few good links

Links?! You can't handle our links!

Sorry, momentarily channeled Jack Nicholson there...

Here are few links I just added:
1. Theology Pool Party [This blog might prove really interesting reading as it covers Catholic News and Views from Austrailia. Someone strike up "Waltzing Matilda."]
2. Mixolydian Mode
3. Catholic Nerd Blog [This blog is so darned funny you will have to set aside a full Saturday just to reading the archive.]
4. Being! or Nothingness

As is the policy of the blog, if you link us, we will link you. If we missed you, please email me and I will get you set up ASAP. I occasionally check with Google who gives good but not perfect results. This is my way of saying the omissions of linked persons is completely accidental.

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