Friday, May 21, 2004

Qualifications of Overkill

When I was in the seminary, folks used to make fun of Germaine Grisez's proposition that it could be sinful to own a pet if one uses the animal as something more than simply a housepet, e.g. offspring substitute. However, I could understand his point, up to a point. I had certainly met people who treated their dogs better than their kids if they had kids.

Recently, it came to my attention that a friend of mine has a dog that is quite old and she is submitting the animal to major surgery. The dog has something wrong with its reproductive organs and therefore, bleeds intermittently. So this means a hysterectomy which is no more involved than having the dog spayed, from what I am told. In the interim, the dog is wearing "Bitch's Britches." Yes, that is the brand name and it is a real product. Look here if you don't believe this silverback. It looks like a combination thong and diaper for the dog. At least this friend's daughter has forsworn thong bikinis based on how often the dog's slips off or get twisted around its legs.

On top of that, the dog has high blood pressure so the dog is going on BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION, an ACEI (angiotensin-cortosol enzyme inhibitor). This is the same stuff that I take. Now, usually, ACEIs are administered with a diuretic because fluid acculmulation is normal with them. So, I think I am going to suggest a doggie door be installed. Otherwise, they will be opening the door every two minutes to let the dog out.

But is it just me or is this silly? The dog is quite old and is headed to the pet cemetary very soon. The operation and medicine are quite expensive and the person in question really can't afford it. Perhaps there is something to Dr. Grisez's point. The dog is a nice thing but you have to have priorities.

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