Monday, May 10, 2004

The Glories of Anchovies

If you hate these little fish, then skip this post. Today, we are praising these tasty salty wonders.

Last night, I went to my favorite local pizza place on Rt. 30, Bella Italia Pizza. Apparently, due to the owners devotion to Padre Pio, his picture and holy card are up everywhere, the seminarians have nicknamed the place, Padre Pio Pizza. Anyhow, the crust is marvelous, the sauce is thick and meaty, in the sense that the pulp of the tomato is still in evidence, and the toppings were anchovies, mushrooms, and green peppers. MMMMMm....

Why are anchovies so great? The gentle salty flavor adds zing to the other flavors in the pizza. Also, they add a meatiness to vegetarian pizzas so that you don't feel quite so "jipped." And as a cold water fish, its Omega 3 fatty acid are good for the heart. As a final benefit, anchovy oil more effectively lubricates the internal systems of robots, but that won't be an asset until the year 3000 or so.

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